This series extends the tradition of portraiture beyond that of merely capturing an idealized likeness. Through resonant collaborations, I engage my models in games of dress up, and each woman inevitably reveals something of her story in what she chooses to wear and how she poses. The title of the series, Ageless, refers to the notion that we carry within ourselves all the ages we have been and will ever be.

The works thereby address memory, and personal and historical time from a woman's perspective.

Drawing from influences as chronologically far apart as Hans Memling and Cindy Sherman, these works consist of singular portraits of women I know, including myself.

Each woman poses with facial enhancements, masks or headdresses (many that I make myself), which are trappings evoking narratives such as folktales or other historical periods. In most cultures, hair and head adornment give clues to a woman's status or enhance a particular ideal of beauty. In these works I make use of these cultural extensions and their symbolic baggage, along with facial expressions and body language, to explore various states of mind and identity.

Note: All artworks noted as "Collection of..." have been sold. All other artworks not designated are available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing, or in commissioning a portrait, please use the Contact page.